Indoor Oregano Plant Care

Oregano is an easy-to-grow plant with a myriad of medicinal and culinary uses. It’s no wonder that this Mediterranean plant has made is way around the globe. Anyone with an indoor herb garden needs to grow this fantastic herb! But only a healthy growing plant can give you your desired harvest, so today I’m going to give you all the plant care tips you need to grow oregano indoors!

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Indoor Oregano Plant Care: Light Requirements

Oregano, like most herbs, likes to grow in partial to full sunlight outdoors. This means that indoors it needs to either be placed in a south-facing window or it should have plant lights to boost its indoor lighting. If it isn’t getting enough light, it will begin to stretch out and become “leggy”. Watch for this sign to increase light.

Indoor Oregano Plant Care: Water Requirements

Oregano is naturally drought tolerant which means that it would rather go dry than stay wet. Make sure that you only water your plant when the top inch of soil is dry. This keeps your plant safe from over-watering!

Indoor Oregano Plant Care: Additional Tips

Some things to keep in mind while growing oregano is first it’s dislike of staying wet. Make sure that you plant it in a pot that has good drainage, as well as use soil that is light and airy (such as cactus and succulent potting mix, or regular potting soil mixed with sand or perlite). Also, when your plant is several years old, it is a good idea to root some cuttings in water to make a new plant. This will keep your flavors strong with every leaf!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these plant care tips! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below! I love hearing from you! And let me know if you’d like any tips on how to harvest and store your oregano… good luck with it!

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