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Helping beginner plant parents who struggle with sad, wilting plants to become ULTIMATE PLANT GODS.

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My Mission...

Hi! I'm Angela, and here at The Girl with a Shovel, I've made it my mission to help everyone become a better plant parent!

Because the truth is... NO ONE is born with a green thumb.

We all struggle, we all experiment, and we all learn from our successes AND our failures.

But here, I'm hoping to help you skip a TON of the trial-and-error and instead just GIVE YOU WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS! So you can earn your green thumb faster, with fewer losses, and with GREATER SUCCESS!

Because we all deserve to have some GREEN in our lives!

Happy Digging!


The Girl with a Shovel


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I couldn't sign off without giving you a great big THANK YOU for coming over to my website. It's people like you who encourage me to keep going through the ups and downs that come with running a website.

It's you who encourage me to keep planting, keep testing, and keep writing about what works and what doesn't.

So thank you for reading and I hope to see you back here again and again!

Happy Digging!