Top Sites for Indoor Plant Identification

Hey everyone! So… starting out knowing nothing about plants, it has taken me years to learn the names of all of them. Even today I sometimes have to look up the name of an awesome new plant that I saw. That’s why good indoor plant identification sites are a great tool to use. And it is important to know which plant you own. 

Knowing your plant is the first crucial step towards keeping it alive and healthy! So check out some of these indoor plant identification sites today!

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The first site that I recommend for plant identification is called Houseplant 411. This site has great images that can be selected and enlarged for correct plant identification! The picture guide also includes growing information and frequently asked questions about each unique plant. I found this to be very helpful, especially for anyone who needs specific information on how to care for their plant.

Check out Houseplant 411!

My next top site for indoor plant identification is called Houseplant Experts. This website not only has a comprehensive A-Z list of houseplants, but it also has a forum that you can join! 

By creating a free account, you can post a picture of your plant, as well as questions about names, care tips, etc. This way you can get the help that you need, as well as join an awesome community of plant lovers!

Check out Houseplant Experts!

My next site is Tropicopia online. This site is actually an indoor plant database for interior designers, which makes it incredibly thorough. Tropicopia  has many different varieties of each plant, so the database is rather large. 

I’d recommend finding out the general type of plant (plant genus) through a different site first, then go here if you want to find out the specific plant variety.

Check out Tropicopia online!

This next site is surprisingly awesome for plant identification! Facebook (specifically Facebook groups) can really help you to identify and get tips on how to care for your indoor plants. I’m part of several groups myself and am always amazed at how fast people respond to posts asking to identify their houseplants! 

There is also always a lot of people showing off their new, unique plants that can give you plenty of inspiration for your own home!

Below are a few of the great Facebook Groups that I love!

House Plant Lovers
Succulents, Tiny Gardens, & Terrariums
House Plant Hobbyist
Houseplant Hoarders

I hope these sites help you to correctly identify your plants! If you have any other questions, or comments, feel free to leave a comment below!

Happy digging!

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