Money Tree Plant Care

Money trees are sold for their beautifully braided trunks, their bonsai shape, or as a good luck charm that bring wealth and prosperity to the space. It’s no wonder this plant appeals to so many different people! But now the question becomes… how do I keep my money tree alive?!?! Because a dead money tree definitely won’t be bringing you any of its good luck charm! So here is what you need to know to properly care for your money tree!

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Just to be clear… in this post, we are talking about the money tree, Pachira aquatica. There are two other plants that are commonly referred to as a money tree. These are jade plants, and Chinese money tree plants, or Pilea peperomioides.

Money Tree Plant Care - Jade Plant - Crassula ovata - Do not confuse this plant with the money tree!
Money Tree Plant Care - Pachira aquatica
Money Tree Plant Care - Chinese Money Plant - Pilea peperomioides - Do not confuse this plant with the money tree!

Money Tree Plant Care: Light Requirements

Money trees are some of the best indoor plants due to the fact that they aren’t very picky when it comes to lighting. Try to give them bright, indirect light, but they will do okay in lower light settings as well, especially during the winter when the plant isn’t actively growing. Just be sure to keep it out of hot, direct sunlight. Money tree leaves are sensitive to direct sunlight and will easily burn. If your leaves are looking pale, white, and wrinkled on the edges, this is a sign of too much sunlight and you should immediately move it to a location with less sunlight.

Money Tree Plant Care Tips #1: Keep your money tree out of direct sunlight. Hot, afternoon sun will burn your plant's leaves!

Money Tree Plant Care: Water Requirements

Money tree is sensitive to root rot. This means that it doesn’t like being wet for too long without having a chance to dry out its roots. So to keep it happy, only water your plant once the top several inches of the soil is dry (more or less depending on how big your pot is). Then water thoroughly. Also make sure that your pot has good drainage to help it to dry out quickly in between waterings. But if your plant is still wet a week after watering, then you’ll need to increase your drainage, as well as add water in smaller amounts.

Money Tree Plant Care Tips #2: Make sure that you water your money tree correctly, as this plant is prone to root rot.

Money Tree Plant Care: Additional Tips

The last thing that I need to address is that money trees NEED high humidity. This can be achieved in several ways. You can either grow it in a group of several other high-humidity plants, spray it often, or purchase and use a humidifier nearby. You can also place it on a tray of pebbles that is filled with water. All of these methods can be used to boost humidity levels. And just like palm trees, if a money tree isn’t getting enough humidity, it’s leaf tips will start to turn brown. This is the plant’s signal that you need to increase the humidity.

Also, if you move your plant (like when you first bring your plant home), it might drop some leaves simply due to the change in environment. Because of this, try not to move your plant once it gets settled. And if you’ve recently moved your plant, then don’t be surprised by a few leaves dropping.

Money tree plant care tips #3: give your plant plenty of humidity and avoid moving it from place to place!

I hope these money tree plant care tips help you to keep your plant alive and healthy for years to come! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below! I love hearing from all of you! And for some plant inspiration, check out my list of easy, low-maintenance plants!

Happy Digging!

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12 thoughts on “Money Tree Plant Care”

  1. I just picked up a Money tree today that was reduced, it’s definitely in need of some TLC but in all doesn’t look too bad. I gave it a misting and put it by the living room window (indirect sunlight so not too strong)
    I haven’t watered it as it felt slightly damp and i’m glad I didn’t after reading your advice. Some really good pointers here thank you, very easy to understand without having to wade through loads of information.
    Thanks so much x

  2. Love this article! But ive had my money tree for about 6 months. As soon as it got 40 degrees outside every single leaf turned brown:( i thought i had killed it but if you lightly scratch an area of the main steams they are green on the inside. Ive changed locations/ water only when the soil is dry the first 4 inches. And the leaves havent changed at all… Please help i really love this plant.

    • Ashton, how long have you waited? I would just keep doing what you are doing. If your money tree has enough strength it will eventually grow more leaves. But, if it doesn’t have enough strength then even the stem will eventually die. Just keep doing what you are doing and wait to see. Good luck! I hope it comes back for you!

  3. Hi, I’ve had a money tree for over 3 years. I love it so much and think its so beautiful, however in the last 6 months or so something is happening to my money tree, she doesn’t look happy anymore her leaves are brittle and brown and fa off so much. I water it once a week it has indirect sunlight and the leaves have sticky sap on the bottoms and on the stems, not on the trunk. My once beautiful happy and very full money tree is dying. I will do anything to save it. Please help.

    • Monica, sticky underside and stems means you’ve got an insect problem. Which would also explain the dying leaves. I would suspect a sucking insect such as scale, aphids, or spider mites. Check your plant for insects and treat accordingly. I hope it’s not too late for your little guy! Good luck!

  4. I have had a money tree for over a year and it was doing great. Then out of no where leaves began to turn yellow. I repotted too larger pot as I thought that may be issue. Numerous leaves are now spotted yellow and dying off. Please help!

    • Hi Lizz! It’s difficult without a picture to know exactly what’s going on but if you said the leaves were spotted yellow then I’d assume it’s maybe Ann insect like spider mites or a disease. If they aren’t spotted however, I would check watering levels. Again, without being able to see it I have a hard time knowing exactly what it is. But if you need more help, please send some pics to my email [email protected]! Good luck and I hope that helped!

  5. I love my money tree and for the last four months it has been growing and doing great. About three weeks ago I live here and there started turning yellow. I have done nothing different in the last four months. I am worried I am losing too many leaves to this yellowing. Any help is appreciated

  6. I picked up a money tree plant from local home depot, my question is do I remove rubber band at bottom holding the trunk together and how about the twist tie at top holding top half of stalks together?

    • Awesome question Bridget! Usually the rubber band and twist ties are used to support the tree and keep the braided shape while it’s young. However, most plants are solid enough by the time they are sold that the rubber band at the bottom can be removed. I would check anything attached at the top though. If it looks like it is shaping the plant or holding it together in any way, then keep it there until the plant can support this shape on its own. But if it’s just for decoration, or the plant can hold itself in the desired shape, then feel free to remove it! Also, make sure to remove anything that is so tight that it is starting to grow into the plant! Happy Digging!

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