Lucky Bamboo Plant Care

Lucky Bamboo is a common houseplant that is famous for its ability to grow in pure water. But this ability also comes with its own challenges. So here is everything you need to know about lucky bamboo plant care. Let’s keep your plant green, growing, and pest-free!

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Lucky Bamboo Plant Care: Light Requirements

As you might already know, Lucky Bamboo isn’t actually a bamboo plant. Instead, it is actually a Dracaena. Because of this, it needs to be treated like a dracaena, especially when it comes to lighting.

Place your lucky bamboo somewhere it will only get indirect sunlight. Keep it out of direct sunlight. This plant will easily burn if it gets too much direct sunlight. If this happens, the leaf will begin to turn a pale yellow color. These portions can be trimmed off and removed, only make sure that it is safe from getting sunburned in the future. This plant also does well in low light situations but growth will be slower.

Lucky Bamboo Plant Care - Keep your lucky bamboo out of direct sunlight.

Lucky Bamboo Plant Care: Water Requirements

I usually see one of two problems with lucky bamboo watering. First, people buy large, tall vases for their bamboo plant and fill the entire, tall base with water. This can be very bad for your plant. IF the water level is too far above the root system, then it has to potential to cause stem rot. Instead, only water your plant until the roots have about an inch of water covering them.

The second problem that I see is watering with tap water. Dracaenas are particularly susceptible to the chlorine and mineral deposits that are contained in tap water. If the sides of your container has a white, crusty layer, or if the tips of your plant are turning yellow, this is a sign that you’ll need to switch to distilled or bottled water.

Lucky Bamboo Plant Care - Here's how much water you should have in your pot.

Lucky Bamboo Plant Care: Additional Tips

I’ve heard people go back and forth on fertilizer needs of this plant, but I highly recommend it. To fertilize correctly though, purchase special lucky bamboo fertilizer. Then, only fertilize two to three times each summer, starting with a single application in the spring once your plant is starting to produce new growth.

Next, make sure that you are changing out the water in your container. This is very important to do, as algae or bacteria can start growing in your containers and can even cause root rot in your plants. Change out the water every 2 weeks.

If you see any algae or bacterial growth, thoroughly clean your container and any pebbles or rocks you have in it. Then, rinse your plant’s roots well and place it back in the container. Repeat this once a week until no algae or bacteria has been seen for a month, then you can go back to changing out the water every two weeks.

It is also best to fertilize your plant when you add new water so your lucky bamboo will have a week or two to absorb the nutrients before the water is switched out.

Lucky Bamboo Plant Care - Fertilizer and changing out the water will keep your plant healthy and green.

I hope you enjoy carrying for your lucky bamboo plant and that it brings you added prosperity and happiness! Leave any additional comments or questions below!

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4 thoughts on “Lucky Bamboo Plant Care”

  1. Hey I’ve had my bamboo around 4-5 years, recently it’s started getting yellow leaves but only where it has grown, I’ve trimmed the leaves but it’s happening further up now too, do you have any advice?

    • Hi Rachel! Since your lucky bamboo is relatively old, I would suggest that the yellowing is either from a buildup of minerals from the water source, or a lack of fertilizer. I know that since lucky bamboo is a dracaena it loves fertilizer. There is a special one that is made specifically for lucky bamboo plants. I would recommend trying this. But know that if the stem is yellowing, then there is too late for your plant and the best thing to do is to propagate any green portions of the stem that are left. I hope this helps! Good luck!

  2. Loved your instructions, but I bought my bamboo plant that was placed in a vase
    With stones, the instructions said to submerge it in water.I live in Puerto Rico,so the weather is very hot in the summer months. I take a bucket with water, leave the top off so the chlorine evoperates over night before I water my plant.I water it
    when I see the leaver wilting. I have this plant for about 2years it was fine. Now it
    Is getting brown tips on the leaves. I haven’t done anything different, I can’t figure
    what the problem could be? My name is Alicia, here is my E-mail.

    • Alicia,

      It’s difficult to know for sure without being able to chat and look at your plant but the most common reasons for leaf tip browning is hard water and low humidity. But since you mentioned you let the chlorine evaporate first and you live in a humid climate I’m not sure that would fit… my guess is try to re-plant it into a bit bigger of a container and try to keep the water levels a bit more constant. An easy way to do this is plant it in a clear container and have a marker where the water level should be… then just refill it from your dechlorinated water whenever you notice it is low. I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!

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