Aloe Plant Care

The aloe plant is not only popular for being a low-maintenance plant, but it is also widely sold for its healing properties! But you won’t get any of this plant’s healing juices if it is dead! So here is what you need to know for proper aloe plant care!

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Aloe Plant Care: Light Requirements

This plant needs bright, direct sunlight. When you first purchase your plant, slowly acclimate it to your sunny spot. This is necessary because most aloe plants have been in a low-light store for some weeks before they are purchased. If they go from the low-light store to a bright, sunny window, they could potentially burn.

During the summer, aloe plants can be slowly acclimated to the outdoors and then slowly brought back indoors in the fall to avoid freezing temperatures.

Aloe Plant Care: Water Requirements

The aloe plant likes to be kept lightly moist when it is in direct sunlight and during the spring and summer. If in lower light conditions, or during the fall and winter, only lightly water your aloe once the top 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the soil has dried.

Additional Tips

When watering your aloe plant, do not water it in the center of the plant. This can lead to stem rot. It is also helpful to top-dress the soil with small pebbles to keep the neck of the plant dry. Just make sure that the top-dressing doesn’t cause you to over-water your aloe plant!

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    • Spring is generally the best time for all plants, but you can re-pot it at any time, as long as you are careful with your watering amounts. Try to avoid re-potting when the plant is dormant in the winter, but if it needs to get done, then it needs to get done. 😉

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