How Much Sun do my Plants Need?

A Reference Guide for Edible Plants

It is extremely difficult to remember exactly how much sun each of our different plants need. So that’s why I’m providing this awesome resource guide to you! Here’s a list of the most common fruits, vegetables, and herbs along with how much sunlight they each need… so you will never have to ask yourself “How much sun do my plants need?” again!!!

Vegetables – Light Requirements (in hours/day)

Artichoke 6-8 hrs

Arugula 6 hrs

Asian Greens 2-3 hrs

Asparagus 8 hrs

Beans 8-10 hrs

Beets 6 hrs

Broccoli 6 hrs

Brussels Sprouts 6 hrs

Cabbage 6 hrs

Carrot 6-8 hrs

Cauliflower 6 hrs

Celery 6 hrs

Chard, Swiss 8 hrs

Chicory (Radicchio) 4 hrs

Chinese Cabbage 5 hrs

Collards 5 hrs

Corn 6-8 hrs

Cucumber 8-10 hrs

Eggplant 8-10 hrs

Fennel 6-8 hrs

Garlic 6-8 hrs

Kale 6-8 hrs

Leek 4 hrs

Lettuce 8-10 hrs

Melons (Watermelon) 8-10 hrs

Mesclun 2-3 hrs

Okra 6-8 hrs

Onion 3-4 hrs

Parsnip 8 hrs

Peanut 8-10 hrs

Pea 6-8 hrs

Pepper 6-8 hrs

Potato 6-8 hrs

Radish 6 hrs

Rutabaga 6-8 hrs

Spinach 4-5 hrs

Squash, Pumpkins 8-10 hrs

Sweet Potato 6-8 hrs

Tomatillo 8-10 hrs

Tomato 8-10 hrs

Turnip 6-8 hrs

Fruits – Light Requirements (in hours/day)

Apple 6-8 hrs

Apricot 6-8 hrs

Avocado 6-8 hrs

Banana 8-10 hrs

Blackberry 6-8 hrs

Blueberry 4-6 hrs

Cherry 6-8 hrs

Citrus 8-10 hrs

Currant 6-8 hrs

Grape 7 hrs

Guava 8-10 hrs

Kiwifruit 8-10 hrs

Pear 8 hrs

Plum, Prune 8-10 hrs

Pomegranate 8-10 hrs

Raspberry 6-8 hrs

Strawberry 8-10 hrs

Herbs – Light Requirements (in hours/day)

Basil 6-8 hrs

Chives 6-8 hrs

Cilantro/Coriander 6-8 hrs

Dill 6-8 hrs

Lavender 6-8 hrs

Lemon Balm 4-6 hrs

Marjoram 6-8 hrs

Mint 4-6 hrs

Oregano 6 hrs

Parsley 5-6 hrs

Rosemary 6-8 hrs

Sage 6 hrs

Tarragon 6-8 hrs

Thyme 6-8 hrs

I hope you’ve found this reference chart helpful! Let me know in the comments if you have any more questions or if you want sunlight requirements for any other plants that I don’t have listed.

Happy Digging!

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    • Laurent,

      Thank you for your comment! Tomato plants can be buried as deep as you want, as long as you leave a couple stems of leaves at the top so it can still photosynthesize. The more stem you have buried, the more nodes you have that can produce more roots. As far as the planting I wasn’t quite sure what you meant, but tomato plants do enjoy being in a bit of soil so as long as it is large enough then it should be fine (don’t go any smaller than a topsy-turvy planter Lol!) If you are watering it once a day and it still is too dry, then you need to put it in a larger container! Hope this helps!

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