Indoor Rosemary Plant Care

Herbs are definitely the beginner’s step into indoor gardening. However, if our herbs die a sad, pitiful death, we can end up never wanting to grow edible plants again… fortunately for you, rosemary is one of the easier herbs to grow indoors. Simply follow these rosemary plant care instructions, and you’ll feel empowered to take on the entire herbal collection!

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Indoor Rosemary Plant Care: Light Requirements

Rosemary, just like most other herbs, likes plenty of direct sunlight. This means it would do well in your super-sunny south-facing window! Or, if you don’t have a lot of sun (or, like me, you already have your south-facing window full of succulents lol!) then you can give your plant supplemental light with plant lights. Here is my personal favorite! Just remember, rosemary likes to get around 5-7 hours of direct sunlight, so keep it around 8 hours with your plant light (since no light will ever be as bright as the sun…)

Indoor Rosemary Plant Care: Water Requirements

Rosemary likes to stay a little on the dry side. Make sure that you only water it when the top of the soil is dry. This plant is especially susceptible to root rot or to powdery mildew, both of which show up when you keep it too wet. Then, when watering, water the soil thoroughly in the summer months, but more sparingly in the winter. Your soil should be watered just enough to dry out every three days or so. This might mean that in the winter months you only add a fraction of the water that you would during the summer.

Indoor Rosemary Plant Care: Additional Tips

If your plant does get powdery mildew, it is important to IMMEDIATELY separate it from your other plants. One summer I didn’t separate mine fast enough and the majority of my indoor edibles got it too… I know… super sad… But from that, I found this awesome powdery mildew fungicide that works great for edibles. Just make sure that you don’t eat anything from the plant for 30 days, then wash everything before eating.

That’s all for my care tips! Leave any questions or comments below! And for some easy herb gardening, check out my list of 5 Effortless Indoor Herb Garden Kits!

Happy Digging!

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