Top 10 Large Indoor Plants

So after I did a post for small interior plants, I figured that I should do one about large interior plants. Unlike my tiny apartment, some of us are lucky and have wonderful, large rooms. And large rooms are perfect to add something that really makes a statement in the style that you want. These indoor plants are sure to grab people’s attention and will liven up any room fast!

Note: You can find many of these plants in smaller versions, but given adequate light, water, time, and a big enough pot, they will be able to reach their full mature size.

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Large Indoor Plant #1: Split-leaf Philodendron – Monstera deliciosa

The Split-leaf Philodendron, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, has large, beautiful leaves. When fully grown, these leaves are often cut and used in artwork, or even floral arrangements. The distinctive look of this plant is sure to add texture to your space.

Split Leaf Philodendron – Get it here!

Large Indoor Plant #2: Dracaena – Dracaena spp.

There are many different types of dracaena that will all grow rather large if given proper care. The ‘Janet Craig’ dracaena and the ‘Cornstalk’ dracaena are especially suited and sold for their larger size. Just make sure that they don’t get too much light or water, as this can easily damage your plant.

Dracaena – Get it here!

Large Indoor Plant #3: Areca Palm – Dypsis lutescens

A long-time favorite, this is the classic indoor palm tree. Long, arching branches will look great in an style room, from cozy and cluttered, to minimalistic and modern. This palm just plain looks great anywhere!

Areca Palm – Get it here!

Large Indoor Plant #4: Fiddle-leaf Fig – Ficus lyrata

The Fiddle-leaf Fig has also been a big hit lately. With twisted, fiddle-shaped leaves and a more upright form, there is definitely something eye-catching about this plant. Make sure to keep it in once place, however, as being a ficus it doesn’t like to move around too much, as well as doesn’t like any warm or cold drafts.

Fiddle-leaf Fig – Get it here!

Large Indoor Plant #5: Flamingo Lily – Anthurium andraeanum

This plant is commonly sold as a smaller, younger plant. However, given enough time it can grow to be quite the large bush with beautiful, long leaves and flowers. One of the best ways to get this little guy to beef up is to slowly increase the size of the pot. Always make sure that it’s got a bit of wiggle room for its roots to grow, which will then ensure that the leaves will have the needed support to also grow larger.

Flamingo Lily – Get it here!

Large Indoor Plant #6: Weeping Fig – Ficus benjamina

Another popular tree from the ficus family, the Weeping Fig can get quite large if given the room to grow. However, make sure that it, like the Fiddle-leaf Fig, is put in a draft-free area and isn’t moved around. If put under stress, the Weeping Fig is likely to start shedding all of its leaves and eventually die (believe me, I know this from experience!) So take special care to pamper this big guy.

Weeping Fig – Get it here!

Large Indoor Plant #7: Ponytail Palm – Beaucarnea recurvata

I love this palm for its unique long leaves that really do resemble a ponytail! It is also known as the Elephant’s Foot palm as it has a large circular mound where it comes out of the soil. Definitely a unique plant, this palm does very well indoors and can grow as an outdoor tree in warmer climates.

Ponytail Palm – Get it here!

Large Indoor Plant #8: Snake Plant – Sansevieria trifasciata

While there are some smaller varieties of Snake Plant, most of them are considered large. I’ve found that Snake Plant will grow to its mature height (in wonderfully tall, modernistic lines), and then it will start to grow offshoots in either direction. So the larger the pot, the more full your snake plant will eventually be. This is perfect for some people as it will not continue to grow taller, but rather spread out. Put it in rectangular pots and it will add tons of sleek, sharp lines for your space.

Snake Plant – Get it here!

Large Indoor Plant #9: Umbrella Tree – Schefflera actinophylla

Also simply called Schefflera, this is also one of those plants that are commonly sold as a very small houseplant. But given time and care, it can grow to be a fairly large tree. Just be sure to be patient and continually increasing its pot size and you will soon be rewarded with a very full, leafy indoor tree.

Umbrella Tree – Get it here!

Large Indoor Plant #10: Bamboo – Bambusoideae

While not commonly thought of as an indoor plant, this is a great one for long, rectangular pots (just like the Snake Plant). Due to its weedy tendencies a lot of people shy away from this guy, but that’s exactly what makes it perfect for the indoors! It is kept in its individual container, and its fast-growing tendencies make it easy to wait for. And make sure to buy a bamboo that will do well with the light that you have in the particular space.

Bamboo – Get it here!

Well there’s my list of top 10 large houseplants! I know that having one (or more) of these guys will not only green up and add life to any space, but will also give you tons of added benefits to your life. So if you’re lucky enough to have the space, enjoy these awesome plants!

Happy Digging!

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