Air Plant Care

Air plants are some amazing plants! Undergoing thousands of years of evolution, they’ve found unique ways to compete for water and sunlight among an entire forest! But now the question is how do we get these highly specialized plants to survive in or extremely different home environments?! Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today!

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Air Plant Care: Light Requirements

Air plants do best in bright, indirect light. The only time they can withstand direct sunlight is during the winter when temperatures are lower. If plants are in hot, direct sunlight, their leaves will burn and they could die.

Air Plant Care: Water Requirements

Incorrect watering is the main cause of air plant death. Because of this, and because of the unique way of watering, I’ve decided to create an entire post dedicated to show you how to water your air plant. You can check it out here!

Air Plant Care: Additional Tips

One of the craziest things about air plants is that they can absorb nutrients through their leaves! Fertilize your plant once every two weeks with a high-phosphorous fertilizer. This can be done by spraying the leaves with a liquid fertilizer and then shaking off any excess moisture. Only fertilize it during the spring and summer. Do not fertilize it during the fall or winter.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips about air plant care! And feel free to leave any further questions or comments about your own successes or failures below!

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