Buying Succulents Online

Here’s the deal… I live in a small town. And in a small town, there just aren’t that many options for buying indoor plants. I’ve always wanted to try out some succulents, but I never found any good options around here. And so with this frustration on my mind, I decided to try buying some online…

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After looking at several different sites, I found some decent prices on AmazonI was a bit skeptical at first. I mean, who buys their plants off of Amazon?! But even though I had my doubts, I went ahead and ordered. And I’m glad that I did. Here’s what I thought…

First off, the plants arrived within the week. Not as fast as picking them up from a garden center, but then again, it was shipped straight to me (which is helpful saving a trip). I got a variety of succulents (5 different types to be exact) and did I mention, they were delivered right to my door! Having kids, it’s especially helpful when I can just answer the door and get a box with exactly what I wanted inside. Not too bad!

Pro’s to Buying Succulents Online

I also got them delivered in the middle of the winter! I don’t know about you, but up here in Idaho the garden center is closed about 9 months out of the year. So to get plants in the middle of winter totally satisfied my winter need for something green!

Some more little details… they were a bit smaller than I’d imagined, but were the perfect size for a group planter on my windowsill. They arrived in the mail without getting crushed or damaged and were extremely well packaged. They even did well being shipped in the cold! (I was afraid they’d get frost damage from the freezing temperatures we’ve been having.) There were also a few little pups already on the plants that I could use to grow even more! This was definitely an added bonus!

Con’s to Buying Succulents Online

However, the one thing that I noticed was that the soil they arrived in needed to be switched out. So plan ahead and buy either 5 small 3″ pots, or one shallow 6″ pot to put them all into. Also have some cactus and succulent potting soil on hand to plant them in. And make sure that your soil is very well-draining. Cactus potting mix is the recommended soil type for all succulents. Water thoroughly when transplanted, but make sure that it drains well and that there is no excess water in the pot. These are also a super cute option of pots to go along with your brand new succulents! I personally ordered them and all of my succulents fit perfectly!

So all in all, I think my succulents from Amazon were great! It’s good to know that I shouldn’t be afraid to buy them online and neither should you. Plants ordered online were just as healthy and cute as any I would have picked up from the store! And for care information for these plants, check out my post on Succulent Plant Care! And remember, have fun with it!

Happy Digging!

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2 thoughts on “Buying Succulents Online”

  1. Hi Angela! Thanks for sharing this information! I’m a fellow Idahoan who loves plants. I’ve always wondered what to expect when ordering plants online. I appreciate your insight and enjoy your posts.

  2. I bought a bunch of succulents for wedding favors from Amazon. I was quite pleased. I felt like they lacked in variety compared to the picture, but were in surprisingly good condition, and did have reasonable variety even if it wasn’t quite what I expected. Who would have thought – succulents on Amazon?

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