Awesome Self Watering Pots!

So, as I’ve been getting busier in my life (with two young kids and my husband still in school…) I’ve been trying to find some short-cuts for my days. And one thing that would always take a ton of time every morning was watering all of my houseplants (of course, I have quite a few of them lol!). So looking at one of my favorite purchasing websites (Amazon!) I decided to try out these proclaimed ‘self-watering’ pots. Why not try them out, and let ya’ll know how it went?! Well, I am sure glad that I did! Now I want 10 more!!!

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I ended up purchasing the Medium-sized Mkono 3-pack Self Watering Planter Pots. I really liked the modern look of them and thought they’d fit well with my home decor.

When they arrived and I was so excited! I waited until the kids were in bed, then I recorded an awesome video opening the package, putting the pots together, and potting up all three of my plants!

Once I finished, I hit save… and my computer froze!!! 

So that’s why I don’t have an amazing video to show y’all… 🙁

So now I’ll just have to tell you all how it went… and show you the pictures. But I promise I’ll get this video thing figured out soon though!

So here’s what I’ve thought about the self-watering pots (now that I’ve had them for about 6 months…)

I was definitely a bit skeptical at first about the whole “self-watering” concept. I thought for sure that it would be too wet for my plants. So to test out my theory, I used plants of different watering preferences to see which plants would die because of over-watering…

I used…

Heartleaf Philodendron ‘Brazil’


This plant loves water and can even be grown in a soilless media!

Parlor Palm


This palm does well being lightly moist, but being allowed to dry out in between watering during the winter.



Peperomia is a semi-succulent, so it stores some water in its thick leaves. Because of this, it doesn’t need as much water and likes to be dry in between waterings.

I totally expected my Peperomia to rot… (I was willing to sacrifice it for y’all!)… However, what I found was surprising…

All of my plants loved it!

I was so shocked! The suction power of the strings directly corresponded with how fast the plant as taking up water. And guys, not only did my plants not rot, but they grew like crazy!!! (Even in the winter!)

self-watering pots

I was amazed! I guess I didn’t have super high expectations going in, but these pots totally blew my mind!

Here are the Pro’s and Con’s that I found with these pots:

  • Decreased my watering from once a day to once or twice a week!
  • Great pots that look great in my modern home design!
  • My plants LOVED the consistently light moisture!
  • Because half the pot is filled with water, the actual pot size is rather small
  • If the water was filled too high and touched the soil, then the plant/soil would get too wet…
  • My Peperomia grew so much that it started tipping over the light-weight, plastic pot!

There you have it! Make sure that your plant isn’t too big and you’re set! So stop having to water your plants every day, and instead, watch them grow like crazy!

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to be getting more of these awesome self-watering pots!

Happy Digging!

**Note: Do not use this pot for succulents or cacti.**

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