How Often Should You Water Succulents?

Hey y’all! So here’s a question that gets asked a ton!

“How often should I water my succulents???”

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And do you know what? I can’t give you a solid number of days or anything because it varies so much!

Some things that affect how often your succulent needs water:

  • air humidity
  • temperature
  • hours and strength of sunlight
  • how large your succulent is
  • the type of pot you are using
  • the type of soil you are using

This is a TON to factor in, huh?!

So how do you know how often you should water your succulents?!

Here’s what I can tell you… (And I promise, it will help!!)

Watering from spring through fall…

This is the time that your succulents will be growing the most. At this time, water your succulent only when the top 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the soil is dry. If you let the soil dry all the way (to where the soil is so dry that it’s pulling away from the sides of the pot), then you’ve let it get too dry. But on the flip side, if you don’t let it dry enough, then you could cause root or stem rot on your plant!

So once again… water ONLY when the top 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the soil is dry. (Or when you stick your finger in the dirt, it doesn’t feel moist at the tip of your finger… then water!)

Winter watering…

This is when your succulent is usually growing less and is using less water. Cool temperatures are also keeping your succulent’s soil from drying out as fast. The key to winter watering is to only add small amounts of water as needed. All we are trying to do is to keep the soil from completely drying out.

Tip: If your succulent’s soil is still fully wet several days after watering, quickly remove it from the soil and re-pot into dry potting soil. After 24 hours, only lightly water.

So there you have it! During the summer, you might be watering your succulent every 1-5 days, but in the winter, you might find yourself only watering a little bit once a week (or even less!) Again, it all depends on your environment and your succulent, but make sure to check the soil moisture levels before you do any watering. Because nothing kills a succulent faster than too much water!

And if you’re still having issues with your watering, just go ahead and buy a soil moisture meter! Simply stick it into the soil, and this cool little meter will tell you how wet or dry your soil is! Just wait for it to get dry, then water! Simple, right?!

Good luck and enjoy your succulents!

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Happy Digging!

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