Top 10 Trending Indoor Plant Pots

What is up again everyone?!?! So today we’re going to have some fun with the top trending indoor plant pots! Right now we’ve seen some awesome, sleek, simplistic designs becoming popular. I give credit to the huge minimalist living movement, which has inspired simple lines and basic colors that soothe the mind after a long day at work.

So pick your favorite of these super cute pots and add it to your collection today!

**Note: This post contains affiliate links, which if purchased, I will receive a portion of the profits. This helps me to keep providing awesome information to all of you!**

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Indoor Plant Pots #1: Coral Lemons

Kicking it off with the bright ‘Living Coral’ Color of the Year, we’ve got a cute set of pots that feature bright lemons on a background of coral. These pots remind me a bit of an Andy Warhol painting… sure to brighten up any space with these splashes of color!

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Indoor Plant Pots #2: White Ceramic Plant Containers with Gold and Grey Detailing

This pot set combines a modern shape with cool, minimalist colors that are sure to look great in any design! These are perfect for any area you want a small, attractive grouping of plants.

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Indoor Plant Pots #3: Dundee Bronze Floor Planter

The Dundee Bronze floor planter is actually made of 100% iron with a bronze finish. Absolutely stunning for a modern, minimalist style, this pot is sure to last for years with its durable build. And consider purchasing it together with a plant stand to show it off!

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Indoor Plant Pots #4: A & B Home Terracotta Planters

Going back to vintage, this blue color goes perfectly with the ‘Living Coral’ Color of the Year! This four-pot set each has a unique, antique pattern that looks great indoors or out.

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Indoor Plant Pots #5: Ferris Wheel Succulent Pot Holder

It’s no wonder this cute little plant stand has been trending. What plant lover doesn’t want a plant Ferris Wheel! This set includes the pots along with the rotating stand that is sure to help your succulents make a statement!

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Indoor Plant Pots #6: Ceramic Succulent Planter with Bamboo Drainage Trays

This set of 3 round succulents is meant for creating a grouping of small succulents that add a variety of colors and textures. It includes bamboo drainage trays that not only add another natural element to your planter, but it is also extremely practical in saving your tabletops from water damage!

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Indoor Plant Pots #7: Ceramic Succulent Magnetic Pots

Be sure to check out this awesome succulent pot that is magnetic! This makes it perfect to easily hang on any magnetic surface. There is the square, trapezoidal, and watering can shaped pots available!

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Indoor Plant Pots #8: Unbreakable Resin Plant Containers

This set of two indoor/outdoor pots is extremely durable! Made out of resin, they are heavier than plastic pots, but much lighter than real stone. Just be aware of the raised drainage plug at the bottom of the pot. It makes the actual pot depth about 8″.

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Indoor Plant Pots #9: Geometric Hanging Planter

With the trend of vertical gardening, it’s no wonder that these modern hanging planters are such a hot item right now! Either buy one to accent a small space, or get several to create stylish wall decor!

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Indoor Plant Pots #10: Modern Plant Stand Pots

If you’ve been paying any attention to the indoor plant scene, then I’m sure you’ve seen these super sleek modern plant stands. But the hardest part of achieving this look is finding a pot that doesn’t have sloping walls. Well, here it is! Here are the amazing vertical plant pots that have been starring in the most current modern homes!

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There’s the roundup of 2019’s top trending pots! I’m excited to see what next year brings! Let me know in the comments below what you think about these pots, as well as which ones you have and like the best! For some indoor plant recommendations, check out my post on Modern Indoor Plants, Low Light Houseplants, or Plants for a BOHO Bedroom!

Happy Digging!

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