Zebra Plant Succulent Care

Hey guys! And welcome to another awesome plant care post! Today we’re going to talk about the Zebra plant! This is the Haworthia succulent to be specific… not the Calathea zebra plant. But Haworthia can be a little tricky. This is because there are two main types of Haworthias: the one with little white ridges on the underside of their leaves (hereafter referred to as the Zebra Haworthia), and the translucent or completely transparent wonders (hereafter called the Transparent Haworthia). These two types differ slightly in their care, but I’m feeling awesome today so I’m going to tell you about both!

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Zebra Plant Succulent Care: Light Requirements

Haworthias generally need some direct sunlight but you need to be careful. Zebra Haworthias can tolerate some afternoon heat with its sunlight, but Transparent Haworthias are easily burned, so these little guys do better in east or west facing windows where they will still get some sunlight, but they will be protected from the heat of the day!

Zebra Plant Succulent Care: Water Requirements

In general, Haworthias need to be watered only once their soil has lightly dried up. However, during their dormant period, they use less water and should only be watered enough to keep the soil from completely drying out.

Zebra Plant Succulent Care: Additional Tips

I’m sure you’re asking, “When does my Haworthia go dormant?!” Well, that depends on what type of Haworthia you have. Zebra Haworthias go dormant from October through April and Transparent Haworthias go dormant from April through September. Why is this? Think of the northern and southern hemispheres… the Zebra Haworthia goes dormant during the northern hemisphere’s winter, but the Transparent Haworthia goes dormant during the southern hemisphere’s winter (from April to September!). Make sure to see which Haworthia you have and to care for it accordingly!

I hope this helps to clear up a few things! For propagation information on this plant, check out my post on Haworthia Propagation! Please leave any other questions or comments below! I know these are fun succulents, but any plant can be confusing sometimes! And for more expert tips sent weekly to your email, sign up for my email list! Every new subscriber gets a free welcome guide!

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