Are Poinsettias Poisonous?

During the winter holiday season, poinsettias can be found EVERYWHERE! This can be stunning in the right settings, but what if your cat starts nibbling them? Or maybe your two year old keeps pulling off the leaves and putting them in her mouth? This begs the question… are poinsettias poisonous??? Should I feel safe having them in my home with my pets and small children?

Well the answer is yes, and no…

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Is It Poisonous?

Eating the leaves of poinsettia plants won’t cause any harm. That being said, if a large amount of leaves are ingested, they can make children and pets mildly sick. However, this is usually not life threatening. But if you’re still worried, you can always call poison control here!

So not really anything to worry about as far as a few little nibbles.

What you Need to Worry About…

BUT the big thing that people NEED to be aware of is LATEX ALLERGIES. This plant’s sap contains latex, which will cause some people to form a rash where they come in contact with the sap.

Are poinsettia plants poisonous? No. They won't kill you, but may cause you to get mildly sick. Unless you have a latex allergy! Find out what to do here!

The things you need to do if you have a latex allergy:

  1. Use gloves any time you touch a poinsettia
  2. Avoid touching your eyes and mouth after handling a poinsettia
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling a poinsettia
  4. Watch for signs of difficulty breathing

Some people are extremely sensitive to latex and can have an allergic reaction just being in close proximity with poinsettias. Always be aware of yourself and others in areas with large concentrations of this plant. Although this reaction is extremely rare, it’s always best to stay informed.

Are poinsettias poisonous? They can cause latex allergies! If you are sensitive to latex, find out what to do to keep yourself safe around these plants!

So the takeaway from all of this is that poinsettias are not poisonous when eaten (aka they will not cause death), but people with latex allergies need to be aware that this plant can cause a reaction. So if this is you, please be careful and always wear gloves! I hope this article has helped, and feel free to leave any further questions or comments below!

Wishing you a safe, and joyful holiday season!

And of course… Happy Digging!

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  1. Thank you❗️I have 2 small dogs and have been avoiding poinsettias. Now I can happily enjoy them again in my home.

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