15 Interior Plants that Clean the Air

Interior plants will not only increase the oxygen levels in your home, but also will increase the humidity levels, and decrease the amount of air pollutants. These conditions have been scientifically linked to decreases in the amount of headaches, reduce stress, and brings an overall greater level of health! No wonder indoor plants are so great! But not all plants are equal. Here is a list of 15 awesome air cleaners for your home!

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#1: English Ivy – Hedera helix

This vine does well individually, or as an ornamental ground cover in a larger pot. It comes in both a dark green, as well as an olive and cream variegation. It is very commonly found at most stores with a garden center.

English Ivy – Get it here!

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#2: Peace Lily – Spathiphyllum

With beautiful, dark green leaves, this plant is a high favorite. Though it may not always be in bloom, this plant is very forgiving and is very hard to kill. And remember, the bigger the pot, the bigger the plant. Especially for this guy.

Peace Lily – Get it here!

#3: Areca Palm – Dypsis lutescens

The Areca Palm, or Parlor Palm, is one of the most common palm trees used in interior decorating. And it’s no wonder! This beautiful palm adds softness and balance to any room. Then add in the health benefits, and it’s a no-brainer!

Areca Palm – Get it here!

#4: Boston Fern – Nephrolepis exaltata

This classic fern purifies the air at a surprisingly fast rate. It is also very common and easily found at local garden stores. While it can be used in a very wide variety of interior designs, as well as on porches and balconies, be careful of any dead leaves that this guy is famous for shedding.

Boston Fern – Get it here!

Plants that Purify the Air; Non-Toxic Houseplants

#5: Devil’s Ivy (Pothos) – Epipremnum aureum

Devil’s Ivy is one of my personal favorites. And who knew it was such a good air purifier?! There are several different varieties, including the Golden Pothos, the Marble Queen Pothos, and the Neon Pothos, giving you plenty of different looks to choose from.

Devil’s Ivy – Get it here!

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#6: Gerbera Daisy – Gerbera

This daisy has been getting more and more popular in the interiors. Known for its bright flowers, this plant is often discarded as it finishes flowering. However, the daisy plant will actually live for quite a while afterwards and may even flower again, leaving a lot of time for it to do its job cleaning the air in your home!

Gerbera Daisy – Get it here!

Plants that Purify the Air; Non-Toxic Houseplants

#7: Ficus tree – Ficus benjamina

Also known as a Weeping Fig, this plant can range from a small bush to a rather large tree! There is also a variegated ficus available that adds a bit more artistic flare to your home. Be careful though, as these plants don’t like drafts and also don’t like to be moved. To keep a ficus alive, one needs to find a good spot for it, and then keep it there.

Ficus tree – Get it here!

#8: Snake Plant – Sansevieria trifasciata

Another one of my favorites, the Snake Plant (also called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue) is extremely easy to grow. Very forgiving and with bold lines and colors, it brings a modern statement to any room.

Snake Plant – Get it here!

#9: Heartleaf Philodendron – Philodendron cordatum

Another awesome vine, the philodendron is often confused with the Pothos. However, the heart-shaped leaves give it a more cascading, classical look. There are also other common varieties as well, in particular the Velvet and Brazil varieties. These will also give you very distinctive looks with each variety.

Heartleaf Philodendron – Get it here!

#10: Aloe Vera – Aloe vera

The Aloe Vera plant is not only visually intriguing, but also a great air purifier, as well as has healing properties as well. Talk about one powerhouse plant! It can also flower, but from my experience the indoor aloe vera plants tend to not flower as often. This is one plant that I think every home should have!

Aloe Vera – Get it here!

#11: Umbrella Tree – Schefflera actinophylla

This plant is another one of my favorites! (Did I mention I LOVE plants?!) Though it may sometimes be a bit harder to find, the Umbrella tree, also simply called Schefflera, can come in sizes from a small plant to a large tree. It is also very hard to kill, as long as it isn’t over-watered.

Umbrella Tree – Get it here!

#12: Spider Plant – Chlorophytum comosum

A great choice for a small space, the Spider Plant won’t ever get too large. Instead, it will send off small shoots (called pups) that you can cut off and plant into a new pot! This causes it to be very hard to kill as you will always have plenty of little plants to replace it.

Spider Plant – Get it here!

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#13: Dracaena – Dracaena

There are many different types of dracaena out there and they all seem to be very good at cleaning the air. So feel free to choose a type of dracaena that will fit your space. From bushes to trees, from greens to reds, this is one plant that never gets old! Just make sure to not over-water this guy…

Dracaena – Get it here!

Plants that Purify the Air; Plants for Low Light; Poisonous Houseplants; Large Houseplants

#14: Jade Plant – Crassula ovata

This is a great plant for the indoors! With thick, succulent leaves it can deal with a bit of neglect. It is also very easy to cut back in order to keep it at the size you want.

Jade Plant – Get it here!

#15: Dumb Cane – Dieffenbachia

Also called Dieffenbachia, Dumb Cane can be toxic if eaten. However, it does do a fantastic job of cleaning your air and I’d say it looks pretty good while doing it! I love its dappled, large leaves. This can also be common in some garden stores, though it is usually only found in group plantings.

Dumb Cane – Get it here!

Plants that Purify the Air; Plants for Low Light; Poisonous Houseplants

Well there’s my list of 15 indoor plants that will clean the air! There are several more that also do a good job, I just tried to keep the list to some of the most common and easily available plants. Please comment below if there are any more you’d like to share!

Happy Digging!

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