Snake Plant Care

Snake plants are awesome low-light, low-water plants that can tolerate quite a bit of neglect. No wonder they have been coming back into popularity! These modern, minimalist plants look great in any space! But now that you have your snake plant, the biggest question becomes… “How do I care for my snake plant?!” If this is you, then either watch the videos below, or keep reading!!!

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Snake Plant Care: Light Requirements

Snake plant is known to do well in low-light situations, but it will grow faster and have brighter colors if it is placed in a medium- or high-light location. One thing to avoid, though, is direct sunlight. Hot, direct sunlight will easily burn your snake plant’s leaves. When a snake plant is getting too much light, it will start getting a pale brown color on its leaves, which will then lead it to turn a darker brown and begin to shrivel. Needless to say, do not put your snake plant in hot, direct sunlight!

Snake Plant Care: Water Requirements

Snake plant does best if it is kept lightly moist during the spring and summer. Then during the fall, decrease watering amounts until you are only watering your plant enough to keep the soil from completely drying out. Then boost watering once again to following spring.

Snake Plant Care: Additional Tips

Remember to water this plant according to how much light it is receiving. If it is in low light, then water lightly. If it is in a bright, indirect light location, then you can be more generous with your water. But due to this plant’s semi-succulent nature, the biggest killer of snake plant is overwatering.

To avoid overwatering, it is ESSENTIAL that this plant is in a pot with drainage holes, as well as is in a light, well-draining soil mixture (either a succulent & cactus soil mix, or a regular potting soil amended with perlite.)

Also, be sure to keep your snake plant away from cold winter drafts as sustained temperatures below 60 F (15 C) can cause the leaves to rot at the base.

Well, that’s all you need to know to keep this awesome plant alive! For more easy, low-maintenance houseplants, check out my list of Top 10 Hard to Kill Houseplants! Then, for more plant care information, join my email list! Every new member gets a free welcome guide! Then, be sure to leave any further questions or comments below!

Happy Digging!

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    • There are in fact snake repellent plants. The snake repellent plants are usually ones with strong scents that are new to the area and which the snake doesn’t like. Some are onions, garlic, and marigolds. They also don’t like the smell of cinnamon or cloves. But remember, it has to be a new scent to them! Good luck!

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